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VSM-102 Video Selector Amplifier Module

VSM-102 Video Selector Amplifier Module

The VSM-102 can be used in virtually any situation where incoming video data is buffered, selected, amplified and switched to each of two desired outputs for monitoring, telemetry or recording. It is ruggedized and easily mounted for airborne, land and sea applications. Pin outs are provided for operator control through a low level TTL or control switch closure to simply select two outputs from six NTSC video data input sources.

Specifications PDF

System Specification

Power Input is 28VDC ±6VDC @ 1 amp. Max.
Power/Discrete Connector is PT02A12-10P-ND
Input Source is 60 Hz to 10 MHz video data.
Input is through 6 BNC RF connectors.
Output is through 2 BNC RF connectors.
Input to Output is selectable through either a High/Low discrete setting to selectable logic map or a manual switch closure.

Enclosure size is 8.5 inches square by 2.7 inches.
Weight is less than one pound.
Enclosure material is aluminum diecast alloy with painted finish.

Input Type Impedance Single end 75 Ώ
Input Signal Six Composite
Input Overload 15 V p-p
Phase Non-inverting
Outputs Two Single end
Output Signal S/E .5-5.0
Bandwidth ± 4db flat 60 Hz– 6 MHz
Noise < .01 V p-p
Harmonic Distortion <2.5% @1V
Gain Stability < 5% over TempRange

Mounting Configuration

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