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VSM-101 Video Selector Amplifier Module

VSM-101 Video Selector Amplifier Module

The VSM-101 can be used in virtually any situation where incoming video data is buffered, selected and switched to a desired output for telemetry or recording. It is ruggedized and easily mounted for airborne, land and sea applications. Connector pins are provided for operator control through a low level TTL or control box switch closure to simply select up to six RS170 video data input sources.

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High / Low discrete setting to selectable logic map. Output is through 12 BNC connectors.
Power Input is 28VDC ± 6VDC @ 1 amp. Max. Size is 8.5" square by 2.7" high.
Input Source is 60Hz to 10MHz video data. Weight is less than 1 Lb.
Input is through 6 BNC connectors. Material is Diecast Aluminum Alloy.

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