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Video Multiplexer Model VM-102

Video Multiplexer Model VM-102

The Model VM-102 Video Multiplexer will accept up to five standard NTSC video inputs and then combines horizontal fractional segments of these five video signals into one standard composite video format. The video multiplexer's output, when observed on a monitor, will be a single video raster comprised of horizontal sections of video from the five video sources. In addition, each of these video sources may also be used as an input to accept the multiplexed output of a secondary video multiplexer. The final resulting composite signal is usually displayed on a single monitor and/or stored on a video recorder for future screening.

This unit has programmability capabilities via an Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM) which allows the insertion of any given single horizontal line of video from any of the five video sources into the multiplexed video output signal. In other terms, each individual horizontal line from each of the five synchronized video sources will be enabled or disabled to be inserted into the video multiplexer output raster. The VM-102 is synchronized to the video source connected to the number one video input. The synchronizing pulses present in the multiplexer output raster are synchronized to the number one video input and gated through the number two video input. The following adjustments can be made from the front panel of Eon Model VM-102: Individual video input impedance (High or Low); six different split selection (available at DIP switch); individual camera (1-5) gain adjust, offset, and test points; black line intensity adjustment; overall multiplexer video output gain adjust.

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Inputs Up to five standard color NTSC, 1.0 V p-p video signals.
Input Impedance 75 Ohm unbalanced or greater than 10K Ohms, individual input selectable.
Outputs Adjustable from 0.2 V to 2.5 V p-p, 1.0 V p-p Nominal. Outputs available on both front and back panels, will drive 75 Ohms terminated, unbalanced, coaxial loads.
Connectors All female BNC.
Size Standard EIA 19” rack-mount, 1 3/4 “ height, 10” deep.
Power 115 VAC, 60Hz, 10 Watts maximum power consumption, plus 24-28 VDC, with circuit breakers for both AC and DC

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