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AGC – Video Amplifier System Model H-132-6A

AGC – Video Amplifier System Model H-132-6A

The AGC / Video Amplifier has two modes of operation: Automatic Gain Amplification and Video Selectable from a switch. In the AGC mode, the gain of the amplifier is dependent on the received signal amplitude whereby the AGC will maintain a constant output amplitude of one volt RMS over the dynamic input range of one volt peak to peak to 7 volts peak to peak. This is a benefit for use with tape recorders or other such devices where a constant output amplitude is desired. In the video mode of operation, the AGC is not operable and the amplifier performs as a straight DC video amplifier with manually adjustable gain. In both modes of operation, the six amplifiers output have low output impedance and are capable of driving terminated 75 ohm cable. Each AGC-Video Amplifier has six separate isolated output signals for driving several devices from a common source. Up to seven of these amplifiers can be housed in a single chassis and power supply.

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Input Impedance 2000 Ohms
Input Voltage Range 1 V p-p to 7 V p-p
Max-Input Over-Voltage +15 Volts
Output Impedance 75 Ohms (Short Circuit Protection)
Frequency Response for AGC 400 Hz to 10 MHz ± 1 dB
Frequency Response for Video DC - 10 MHz ± 3 dB
Distortion <1% THD
Noise Level <100 microvolt
Transient Response Overshoot <1 % rise and fall time <50 ns
AGC Loop Response 20 mS attack time
50 mS release time
Power Requirements 105-125 VAC, 40-5- Hz, 60 W's
Size 15"L x 19"W x 5.25"H
Signal Connectors All BNC

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