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Video Switch Assembly Model ADV 301 31

Model ADV 301-31 Airborne Video Amplifier

General Description:

The ADV-301-31 Video Distribution Amplifier provides the capability of amplifying and distributing RS-170 monochrome video from a RBG input device such as a FLIR or Digital Moving Map and composite color video from a CCD camera in RS-170 RGB format with sync on green. The Video Amplifier shall provide an input for the RS-170 IR video and RGB video signal, amplify the signals and provide five outputs for each video signal suitable for display on four cockpit MFDs and one video recorder. The ADV-301-31 shall be compatible and operate with 28VDC aircraft power designed to the requirements of MIL-STD-704A.

Specifications PDF


    Power: 28VDC Primary Aircraft Power , 10 Watts Nominal

    Video Input:
  1. composite NTSC (RS-170 format) monochrome video
    75 ohm load

  2. color NTSC (RS-170 format) Red, Green (sync on green),
    Blue video signal

    Video Interface: video signals sync level to white level is 1.0 ± 0.1 volt

    Video Output:
  1. NTSC (RS-170 format) monochrome video signal, 5-75ohm loads

  2. color NTSC (RS-170 format) Red, Green (sync on green), Blue color
    video signal, 5-75ohm loads

  3. MTBF: 15000 Hours

    Mil Std 810E-Altitude to 50,000 ft., Temp. –40 to 55 °C, Humidity 100%, Vibration Method
    514.4, Crash Safety 516.4, Salt Spray, Sand & Dust, Fungus, Explosive Atmosphere, Rain
    Mil Std 461E-CE101, CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE101,RE102, RS101, RS103

Outline and Mounting Drawing

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