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Model DSP-101 Data Switch Panel

The DSP-101 Data Switch Panel is designed to select data from any one of twenty-four BNC connectors and route this data to any one of three BNC output connectors. Data routing from the input connectors to the output connectors is actuated by three banks of twenty-four switches or from a computer through an optional RS-232 interface.

Click here for specifications and pdf download.

Remote Strafe Scoring System Model SSS-101

The Eon Model SSS-101 Remote Strafe Scoring System is a sophisticated, state of the art microprocessor-based scoring system used at U.S. Military target ranges to remotely score the number of target hits in a preselected scoring area. The SSS-101 can be placed at a remote downrange site near a pre-set target, with a companion SSS-101 in place at the up-range Command Center. The two units are data linked together via hard wire or via radio transceivers through the use of internal modems.

Click here for specifications and pdf download.

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