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FAA Repair Station

FAA Repair Station

Eon Instrumentation is an FAA Certified Repair Station, #E0IR152X, for electronic and electrical aircraft accessories. We are a manufacturer of electronic and electrical aircraft accessories, providing a capability to not only service but also to upgrade and improve the product through Type Certification authorization. Our speciality is in electrical power conversion, timing and control circuitry for on-board Class 2/3 type accessories.

Contact us for an analysis of repair, overhaul or upgrade costs and schedules.

Commercial Aircraft
Boeing 747-200
Weber Aircraft Oven Timer P/N 815520-401
Counter Assembly, Decade P/N 11117
Counter Assembly, Decade P/N V22198 replacement for 11083

Bombardier Global Express
Miltope Printer, Model TP-4840, 28V Power Supply Unit P/N M-162

Military Aircraft
Lockheed Martin Audio Control Unit P/N ACU-101
Lockheed Martin Blanking Combiner Unit P/N BCU-101

C-17 Transport
Weber Aircraft Toilet Pump Timer P/N 839655-401
Circuit Assembly 12119A replacement for 10772, V22198

WC130J Hurricane Hunter Aircraft
Video Selector Module, P/N VSM-102

HC130 Coast Guard Deep Water Aircraft
Lockheed Martin Cockpit Speaker Amplifier
Lockheed Martin Cargo Area Public-Address Pre-Amplifier

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