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Blanking Unit, Model BCU-105

Blanking Unit, Model BCU-105

Eon is a leader in design and manufacture of electronic blanking units for the military and commercial markets.

The BCU-105 Pretrigger Converter and Blanker Unit

The BCU-105 Side View

US Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane awarded Eon a contract for a custom Pretrigger Converter and Blanking Unit to replace legacy systems for the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 2, and Specific Emitter Identification and High Gain/High Sensitivity subsystems. The BCU 105 will be ready for the prime of the production phase after all of the Low Rate Initial Production units have been delivered.

This blanking combiner unit is set to be installed aboard Naval surface ships beginning in early 2015 to control the new Aegis weapon system upgrade.

The BCU-105 Top View

The BCU-105 is a state-of-the art custom product that can be configured to satisfy very specific customer requirements for either military or commercial market. Eon’s engineering team is ready to build a custom pre-trigger and blanker unit to your exact specifications.

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