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Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award

Boeing Outstanding Service Award

General Atomics Supplier Excellence Award

ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 RevC Registration

EON Instrumentation was founded in 1961 and has been located in Van Nuys, California, throughout its existence.

EON is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to a wide range of customers for both military and commercial applications. As a result, EONís support efforts have been recognized by a number of key customers. For example, EON received Lockheed Martinís Star Supplier Award, Outstanding Service Award from The Boeing Company for its efforts on a critical military program, and a Supplier Excellence Award from General Atomics in recognition of outstanding quality and delivery performance.

EON specializes in successfully completing those hard to do, low volume requirements that distract customers’ in-house staffs, but which must have the quality of an FAA or military design and manufacture. EON is accustomed to successfully completing programs to accelerated schedules beginning with design and proceeding through fabrication, assembly and test, including full environmental qualification when required. Product areas include Video Amplifier Splitters, Audio Distribution Amplifiers, Switching Power Supplies, Electrical Blanking Units and Electronic Systems.

EON’s long history as a successful product designer and manufacturer provides a base of development and manufacturing capability and experience that has proven to be a valuable and cost effective alternative to in-house design and manufacture for many customers. As a result, EON provides Manufacturing and Engineering Services for a wide range of customers and applications.

Eon has maintained high quality standards in the development and manufacture of itís products. For many years Eon maintained a quality control plan in accordance with Mil-I-45208A. More recently Eon achieved registration for the world recognized ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Rev C. This achievement allows Eon to continue in the forefront of quality procedures and control.

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