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Cargo Area PA Pre-Amp Model CAPP-101

Cargo Area PA Pre-Amp Model CAPP-101

The CAPP replaces the integral Public Address System Amplifier (PAA) impedance and power matching function installed on the baseline C-130J Inter-Communication System which is lost with the LRS modification to an integrated ICS. The CAPP passes and amplifies unencrypted audio from the MICS to the Public Address system PAA on the baseline HC-130J LRS. The CAPP is a portion of the communications subsystem used aboard the HC-130J Mission System.

  • Bandwidth: 300 to 5000 Hz.
  • Crosstalk: 100dB isolation at 1000Hz
  • Amplification: 8.3 dB with 8. speaker impedance
  • THD: < 7 %
  • Output Noise: < 15mV RMS measured with 10 kHz filter
  • Voltage Input: 28VDC
  • Current: < 1 Amp.
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Convection Cooled
  • Dimensions: 6.75L X 5.87W X 1.94H inches
  • Connector: D38999/20WC98PN

Environmental Specifications:
  • Limit Acceleration: Mil Std 810C, Method C Method 513.2 Proc. II
  • Ultimate Acceleration: Mil Std 810C Method 513.2 Proc. I
  • Vibration: 4.93 GRMS from 5—500 Hz
  • Temperature/Altitude: Mil Std 810C Method 504.1
  • Humidity: Mil Std 810E Method 507.3 Proc. I
  • Shock: Crash Safety
  • Salt Atmosphere: Mil Std 810E Method 509.3
  • Sand And Dust: Mil Std 810E 510.3 Proc. I & II
  • Explosive Atmosphere: Mil E 5400
  • Lightning Protection: DO160E Sect.22 Cat. J
  • EMI: Mil Std 461E CE101, CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE101, RE102, RS101, RS103
  • Transient Testing: Mil Std 704A

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