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Audio Control Unit Model ACU-101

The Audio Control Unit is designed to combine audio signals from four input sources into a single mixed audio output signal. The audio output and all four audio inputs are coupled to the ACU-101fs internal circuitry through 600 balanced transformers. Each of the four inputs have independent level controls located on the front panel.

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Cargo Area PA Pre-Amp Model CAPP-101

The CAPP replaces the integral Public Address System Amplifier (PAA) impedance and power matching function installed on the baseline C-130J Inter-Communication System which is lost with the LRS modification to an integrated ICS. The CAPP passes and amplifies unencrypted audio from the MICS to the Public Address system PAA on the baseline HC-130J LRS. The CAPP is a portion of the communications subsystem used aboard the HC-130J Mission System.

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Cockpit Speaker Amplifier Model CSA 101

The Cockpit Speaker Amplifier is a component of an aircraft communications subsystem that integrates analog audio signals. The Cockpit Speaker Amplifier provides amplified audio signals to the cockpit speakers. The CSA operates as a light weight, airborne component of a shared-channel, internal aircraft communication system. The CSA will support two separate audio channel inputs and provide two separate speaker outputs. The Cockpit Speaker Amplifier provides signal level amplification and power filtering without selections and control functions.

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