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Company History and Overview

Eon´s products include Video Amplifiers and Video Matrix Switchers, Electronic Blanking Systems, Video Monitors, Ruggedized Power Supplies, Audio Amplifiers and other electronic products customized to fit customers needs. Eon´s products are used on many missile, military aircraft and armored vehicle programs, ground control stations for unmanned systems, as well as surface ships. Eon also is a certificated FAA Repair Station.

Eon is on the cutting edge of high definition video military products to replace analog installations. Eon recently delivered an all new HD-SDI Video Matrix Switcher. Eon provides HD cameras in an agreement with Kappa Optronics Inc. Eon provides HD video monitors in 10.4", 15"; and 22"; sizes. Eon is currently designing an HD-SDI video recorder expected to be available to customers early next year. With these products Eon is poised to replace all or part of an analog video installation with an all digital architecture.

Eon´s design and engineering team brings decades of combined experience to ensure that each customer´s project is properly managed and staffed. All of Eon´s senior management is readily accesible and highly responsive to customers´ needs.


Video Amplifier Splitter Products

Brick Video Amplifier Series

The ADV-301-13A is a broadband video amplifier with flat frequency response from 30.0 HZ to 30.0 MHz. This amplifier was originally designed for missile applications and is now used extensively in fighter, helicopter, UAV, fixed wing aircraft and military ground vehicle applications. The model ADV-301-13A has a differential input and two single ended outputs with separate gain controls. Eon has delivered over 1,000 units to major platform prime manufacturers.
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Compact Video Amplifier Series

The ADV-301 Compact Series has a variety of Video Amplifiers/Splitters. The system is operated with nominal 28VDC input power. Input and output impedance is 75 ohms for the basic series. Video returns are common to chassis ground. All independent outputs are unity gain from video in. Different input and output impedances are available upon request and can be integral with chassis ground as well as different fixed gains from video in. Eon also manufactures units with individual user adjustable gains for each output ...Learn more...

Multiple Input Video Amplifiers Series

The ADV-301 Multiple Input Series has a variety of Video Amplifiers/Splitters. The systems are operated with nominal 28 VDC input power. Input and output impedances are 75 ohms for the basic series. All independent outputs are unity gain from video in. Different input and output impedances are available upon request. Eon also manufactures units with individual user adjustable gain for each output.

ADV-301-31 Video Amplifier Distribution Unit

The ADV-301-31 model provides the capability of amplifying and distributing RS-170 monochrome video from a RBG input device such as a FLIR or Digital Moving Map and composite color video from a CCD camera in RS-170 RGB

Dual Video Amplifiers

This is a broadband amplifier with essentially flat frequency response from 30.0 HZ to 30.0 MHz. This amplifier was designed primarily for NTSC video data. It has three single ended inputs, each of which has two, three, or four single-ended outputs with separate gain controls.

Specialized Video Products

Video Switch Assembly


The Video Switch Assembly (VSA) is designed for use in armored ground vehicles, fixed wing aircraft, and helicopters. Its mission is to switch various video images between monitors and other output devices. The six inputs accept composite NTSC or PAL video from up to six independent sources. Each of the six outputs can select any of the six independent video sources. Each operator is required to have a Remote Video Selector switch from which he can select any of the six video sources for viewing on his monitor.

Video Amplifier/Splitter

The ADV-301-23H is one in, three out Video Amplifier/Splitter. The system is operated with nominal 28 VDC input power, input and output impedances is 75ohms. Video returns are isolated from chassis ground. Three independent outputs are unity gain from video in. Different input and output impedances are available upon request. The ADV-301-23H is qualified over an extreme operating temperature range of -51 to -71C. In addition, it was qualified for 2Hrs of immersion at 1 meter depth using protective dust covers.

H-132-6A AGC-Video Amplifier System

The AGC/Video Amplifier has two modes of operation; Automatic Gain Amplification and Video Selectable from a switch. In the AGC mode, the gain of the amplifier is dependent on the received signal amplitude.

Video Selector Amplifier System (VSAS)

The VSAS (Video Selector Amplifier System) was developed to enable users at remote locations to view information from up to six different video sources. The VSM-102 is a dual, 6-1 video multiplexer which accepts NTSC video information from up to six sources. Each of the 6-1 multiplexers can select any of the six video sources independent of each other.

Video Multiplexer V M-102

The VM-102 Video Multiplexer will accept up to five standard NTSC video inputs and then combines horizontal fractional segments of these five video signals into one standard composite video format.

VGA Video Amplifier Splitter

The ADV-301-VGA-2 unit accepts a single VGA signal via a MIL-DTL-38999 connector, buffers the signal, and splits it to two 38999 output connectors. The system is powered by standard 28-Volt DC aircraft power.

High Speed Digital Video Products

High Speed Video Matrix Switcher


The HD-SDI Video Matrix Switcher, VMS-712, is Eon’s all new high-speed digital video product. The VMS-712 provides video switching and distribution support for your high-definition digital video interfaces. The VMS-712 is fully qualified to EMI MIL-STD-461F and Environmental MIL-STD-810F. The VMS-712 accepts up to seven high speed digital input video streams and routes them to any of twelve outputs with the ability to re-clock each of the video signals as they are sent through. The unit is controlled by a computer via RS 232 software interface through a DB 9 connector located on the top face of the VMS-712. Video signals, including HD-SDI and Standard Definition video signals can be multiplexed and re-clocked directly within the unit. The VMS-712 has a built-in Test Pattern Generator.

Kappa Camera and VMS-712

Eon has partnered with Kappa optronics GmbH to provide customers a comprehensive HD-SDI solution using the VMS-712 and a Tauri HD-SDI Kappa optronics camera. Kappa Tauri HD-SDI camera has a 2.5 Mega pixel, 1920X1080 active HD-SDI, and is controlled by a computer via a RS 232 or RS 485 software interface. Kappa cameras have been used on many military platforms, including aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. These cameras have also been used by all terrain vehicles and for in-flight refueling on the A330 MRTT.

Video Monitors

Eon provides a complete customer solution by coupling Eon video amplifiers, video matrix switchers, and electronic blanking units with standard and HD-SDI video monitors. The monitors come in 10" , 15" and 22" sizes and can be designed for a variety of applications, including helicopter and aircraft, UAV ground control stations, ground vehicles and naval surface ships. The video monitors can be customized to fit with any Eon product. Eon’s ability to provide video monitors enables a comprehensive and efficient design process that takes into account customer preferences and space availability in a specific application.

Digital Video Recorder

Eon has designed an HD-SDI airborne recorder as part of the all new high-speed digital video product system. Just like the VMS-712, the Recorder is an all-new product. As with all Eon products, the recorder can be configured in accord with customer design and space requirements. The installation of the recorder can be integrated with the conversion of a customer’s analog system to an all new digital architecture.


Electronic Blanking Units

Pre-Trigger Converter and Blanker Unit


Eon designed and manufactured the BCU-105 Pre-Trigger Converter and Blanker Unit (PCAB) for the United States Navy. The BCU-105 is being installed on Navy surface ships beginning in 2015 and will control the new Aegis weapons system upgrade.

The BCU-105 accepts up to 31 analog pre-trigger signals from own-ship pulsed radar systems, and performs two parallel functions: pre-trigger conversion and generation of blanking pulses. The pre-trigger conversion function transforms the input pre-trigger signal on each input channel to Low Voltage Differential Signal (LVDS) format, and outputs the LVDS format pre-trigger signals with minimal latency. The blanker function creates blanking signals from each pre-trigger input. The BCU-105 has a front-panel display and controls to allow each blanking channel to be adjusted individually.

Blanking Combiner Unit Model BCU-101

Blanking Combiner Unit BCU-101 is designed to combine blanking pulses from five inputs into a serial composite stream made available on two separate buffered outputs. Each of the five inputs is equipped with delay and threshold level adjustments accessible from the front panel. The output level port, accessible from the front panel, controls the amplitude of the two outputs simultaneously.

Blanking Combiner Unit Model BCU-102

Blanking Control Unit BCU-102 is designed to accept trigger pulses from various emitters and produce blanking pulses with adjustable pulse width and delay. These pulses are used to disable sensitive electronic equipment during the strong transmission periods produced by equipment such as radar and RF transmitters.

BCU-103Blanking Combiner Unit Model BCU-103
Blanking Combiner Unit BCU-103 provides the capability for the reception, coordination and distribution of blanking pulses between various avionic equipment. The BCU-103 conditions and mixes input blanking pulses in a predetermined pattern for retransmission of blanking pulses to associated receivers. Some of the input to output relationships are reconfigurable at the supplier’s factory.

Other Products and Services

Low Voltage Power Supplies for Avionics


The M-162 power supply includes input and output filtering, power-up soft start and delayed start, line and load regulation, hold-up for input power interruption and hold-up for external memory during input power interruption. Eon’s power supplies have been installed on the CH-47 helicopter, the Bombardier BD700 Global Express aircraft, the P-3 and the C-130.

M-164 and M-168

This aircraft power supply has three regulated outputs and will operate from 115 VAC 400 Hz aircraft power. Eon has supplied NAVSUP and Wyle Laboratories with more than 200 stand-alone Power Supply units for use on various US Navy ships & aircraft. These power supplies are qualified to meet EMI , Environmental, and Power Standards. The power supply can have 5W to 300Ws Multi-voltage outputs and AC or DC input.


Eon has developed a series of embedded and standalone power supplies that use 28VDC input. These supplies feature single and multiple output DC voltages and 5W to 50W outputs.

Audio Amplifiers

Audio Control Unit ACU-101

Audio Control Unit Model ACU-101

The Audio Control Unit is designed to combine audio signals from four input sources into a single mixed audio output signal. Each of the four inputs has independent level control located on the front panel.

Cargo Area PA Pre-Amp CAPP-101

Cargo Area PA Pre-Amp Model CAPP-101

The CAPP-101 replaces the Public Address Amplifier (PAA) impedance and power matching function installed on the C-130J Intercommunications System. The CAPP passes and amplifies unencrypted audio from the MICS to the Public Address System on the baseline HC-130J LRS.

Cockpit Speaker Amplifier CSA-101
Cockpit Speaker Amplifier Model CSA-101

The Cockpit Speaker Amplifier is a component of an aircraft communications subsystem that integrates analog audio signals. This device provides amplified audio signals to the cockpit speakers. The CSA operates as a lightweight airborne component of a shared-channel, internal aircraft communications system. The CSA will support two separate audio channel inputs and provide two separate speaker outputs.

FAA Repair Station

Eon is a certificated FAA Repair Station that complies with the latest FAA requirements concerning employee training program and repair station procedures. Customers include China Airlines, Monogram Systems, VT Miltope, Northwest Airlines/BE Aerospace.

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Eon Instrumentation, Inc. was founded in 1961. Since its inception, Eon has been providing high-quality products and services to a wide range of customers for both military and commercial applications. Today, Eon´s customers include the United States Navy, Lockheed Martin Corporation, General Atomics Corporation, The Boeing Company, General Dynamics Corporation, L-3 Communications, Inc. Military Airbus, EADS/CASA and many other domestic and international companies engaged in the defence and aerospace arena.

Eon specializes in successfully completing programs with accelerated schedules, starting with product design and proceeding through fabrication, assembly and testing, including full environmental testing and qualification as required by product and customer specifications. Eon´s long history as a successful product designer and manufacturer provides a solid base of development and manufacturing capability and experience that has proven to be a valuable and cost-effective alternative to in-house design and manufacture for many customers.

Eon´s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. James W. Winchester, has led major divisions of Fortune 500 defence and Aerospace companies, including Teledyne Controls, Litton Industries, Northrop Grumman, and L-3 Communications. He has over forty years experience and is well known and respected both in the industry and the military. Dr. Winchester is dedicated to Eon´s customers and making sure that their needs, schedules and requirements are met and that Eon assigns the right team to execute each project. Eon has been recognized for outstanding supplier performance by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and General Atomics, among others. Eon also is part of a select group of smaller companies acting as a prime contractor for the United States Navy.

At Eon, we believe that our customers expect us to be attentive, thorough and creative. Eon´s attention to process and quality assurance has been recognized by the AS9100:2009 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, which set the industry standard for excellence.

For further information about any of our products, we encourage you to contact Eon´s President, Dr. James W. Winchester at jimw@eoninstrumentation.com or avionic@aol.com , Jeff Norsen, Chief Technical Officer at jeff@eoninstrumentation.com, Greg Elliott, Manager of Electrical Programs at grege@eoninstrumentation.com or Greg Ford, Executive Vice President Business Development at greg@eoninstrumentation.com.

All of us at Eon look forward to working with you.

President Dr. James W. Winchester